Things to Lookout for When Hiring A Self Drive Car in Kenya

Hiring a 4×4 safari vehicle in Kenya for self drive safari is the best option every tourist should opt for while on an African safari in Kenya. The country is generally safe and has a variety of attraction every tourist may love to visit.

4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd is the most famous car rental agency in the country with branches in various parts of the country and in various east African countries.

When paying for a rental car in Kenya for your safari or even if you going for business trip or just going out with friends, ensure that the vehicle has the following;

Insurance: It is imperative to first check with the car Rental Company and find out whether their vehicles are insured, to avoid being charged for damages made on the car in case of accident. At 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd, all our rental vehicles are comprehensively insured giving an amazing way to explore the great attractions in the country.

Spare tyre is among the thing you should not forget is to check before you sign for any car rental. Since most interesting tourist attractions are found in remote areas of the country and the roads are in bad conditions, it’s wise to have a spare type because it will rescue you in case in get a puncture in the remote areas of the country. So it’s advisable that you ensure that you have a spare tyre and when it’s in good condition.

Fuel policy: when you making a car rental booking don’t forget to ask the car rental company about their fuel policy before you book a vehicle. Most of the car rental companies in the country offer empty to empty fuel policy whereby they deliver to the vehicle to you when it’s empty and you have to return it when it’s empty. But still u can talk about any fuel policy want because you may be arriving at night and you would just want to go direct to your hotel without wasting time at the filling station you can talk to them and they present the vehicle when its quarter tank or full tank but still at the end of your rental you have to return quarter or half tank.

Unlimited mileage: its better also to talk about this in case you’re going for a self drive trip this will enable you to explore all over the country without fear exceeding a set travel distance. 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd offers rental cars on unlimited mileage to allow you travel around Kenya and Africa at your own pace and fulfill your travel goals.

Pop up roof: In case you planning explore national parks in Kenya for wildlife watching, make sure at least you book a vehicle with a pop roof, this gives a perfect view of wildlife in the national parks and a great opportunity to take good wildlife photos.