Diani Beach

Diani Beach, Kenya

Diani Beach is amazingly a long stretch of silky white sands, warm turquoise water, and palm-lined streets. Diani Beach stretches along the Indian Ocean coast, featuring a spectacular setting making it an ideal spot to undertake beach vacation. Set against the backdrop of lush forests lies Diani Beach, a sliver of paradise.

Diani Beach is without doubt an iconic tropical beach retreat. Amazingly, it has been featured on the list of best beach destinations in Africa for over 5 years. Diani Beach is 30 km South of Mombasa and it is surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean, a wide range of classic beach resorts making it a complete beach destination.

Think of a tropical haven and think not beyond Diani Beach in Kenya- priding itself on rolling white sands ideal for sunbathing, clear ocean water for snorkeling experiences, and a large concentration of wildlife worth exploring. Diani Beach is by far an ideal spot for families or couples to enjoy themselves- visit this beach and experience outstanding romance.

Main Activities to do at Diani Beach, Kenya

Snorkeling/divining and other water sports

Diani Beach is strategically located in an area with established marine parks. These are strongholds to a huge concentration of marine life and a unique ecosystem. Visiting these marine parks is a great opportunity for you to indulge in thrilling adventures such as snorkeling, diving, and more.

Generally, Kenya is one of the best places where you can spot the endangered green and hawksbill turtles. To explore and experience the best of coastline adventures and creatures, you require a good underwater camera for photography.

Diani Beach is one of a kind area any traveler should consider a must-visit especially if you are interested in amazing water sports experiences such as jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, kitesurfing, paddling, and more. Literally, there is something for everyone on a Kenya safari at the coast.

Some of the important areas located near Diani Beach and worth visiting include Shimba Hills National Reserve. Shimba Hills National Reserve is a tiny rain-forest protected area found 15kms away from Diani Beach, Kenya.

Shimba Reserve occupies an area of 300sq.kms and protects important species including mongoose, elephants, sable antelopes, monkeys, birds, and more. Mwalunganje Elephant Sanctuary is the other area of interest while on beach vacation at Diani Beach. The Sanctuary is a home to elephants and important spot to explore more about elephants and a lot more.

Visit Kitsite-Mpunguti 50kms off Diani Beach. This is one of the magical sanctuaries with coral reefs and tiny islands where you can see a range of birds, turtles, dolphins, birds, and unique fish in large numbers. While at Kitsite-Mpunguti, the key activities to engage in include birding, snorkeling, diving, and others.

Sky diving- Diani Beach, Kenya is one of the best and most scenic places on earth, and sky diving is one of a kind experience not to be missed on your beach vacation.

Deep-sea fishing- The number of fish varies depending on the season, bait, and temperatures. Most fish are available between September and April.

Also, be part of glass boat tours-sail on a glass bottom boat to explore a huge number of beautiful fish as they swim. Explore more about marine species with an experienced guide, and discover more about myths about the Indian Ocean. The other area of interest is the Kongo River, located in the North 17kms away.

Places to stay at Diani Beach, Kenya

Diani Beach, Kenya is an ultimate beach holiday destination with a lineup of comfortable accommodations. They include Waterlovers Beach Resort- Diani’s jewel of its own. This has a pool overviewing the Indian Ocean. Kinondo Kwetu Lodge is located on a private extensive white sands, South of Diani Beach. The Sands at Nomad- a comfortable boutique resort and the other is The Zubeida- a boutique resort set overviewing the ocean.

Best time to visit Diani Beach, Kenya

December, January, February and June, July, August, September are the best months of the year any beach lover should consider visiting Diani Beach for vacation. During these months, Diani experiences conducive weather and climatic conditions and the heavy rains from April, May and October, and November.

Getting around Diani Beach

Diani Beach is 30 minutes’ drive South of Mombasa Town, about 3 hours’ drive off from Tsavo National Park. There is also an option of flying from Mombasa to Ukunda, 5 minutes.