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Kenya is an East African country officially known as the Republic of Kenya, it’s the 48th largest country by total area in the world. Nairobi is the largest and the capital of Kenya. Kenya is bordered by Uganda in the western direction, in the south, there is Tanzania, in the east, there is Somalia, Ethiopia in the north, South Sudan in the northwest, and in Northeast Kenyan is bordered by the Indian ocean.

Kenya is one of the leading tourist destinations on the African continent. A wildlife safari to Africa will never be complete when you have not visited the wildlife in Kenya. The country is blessed with a variety of wildlife attractions in the many national parks in the country. A safari to Kenya alone offers a great opportunity to see the Big 5 on just one safari.

National Parks and Tourist attractions in Kenya

Lake Nakuru National Park

The park is situated approximately 164 kilometers northwest of Nairobi just on the rift valley Nakuru district. Its ecosystem mainly comprises the Lake that covers 27% of the park’s area and its vegetation consists of 550 plant species and unique woodland that include most of the euphorbia, acacia woodlands, and Olea forests; busy grassland that are found along with its border areas. The biggest area of the park largely acts as a wildlife protected area while the land along the catchment area is intensively used for agriculture, ranching, and forestry… Read More