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Laikipia National Park

Laikipia is the gateway to the wild north
Amazing wild animal encounters, absolute beauty, breathtaking wilderness, and endless plains – the Laikipia region is located in the central highlands of the country, away from the national parks and reserves that are famously known to tourists. It stretches from Mt. Kenya in the east to the Rift Valley in the west.

Landscape in the Laikipia National Park

The vegetation of Laikipia National Park varies from dry plains to dry savannah, open grasslands, deep canyons, and forests in the valleys. Many community farms, co-operatives, and special protection areas were founded here on the basis of eco-tourism, there is no central administration.

The park was established to protect wildlife, but the traditional way of life of the local people there, the Maasai and Samburu residents are also preserved with the group ranches in this way. Wild animals and grazing animals for agricultural use share these plains. A safari in this context also provides an amazing insight into the country and people beyond pure animal encounters.