Top Gadgets And Gears To Pack for Uganda safaris

Packing for gadgets is as important as carrying the right clothing or shoes for the safari much as most tourists ignore this very important part of the packing list during Ugandan safaris. These make the trip easier and more interesting thus the reason you have to know what to carry. Therefore, the following are the vital gadgets you must carry during your vacation to Uganda;

Pair of binoculars

Every tourist undertaking Uganda safaris is advised to carry a good pair of binoculars because sharing can make you miss out some of the magical moments of the safari-like having a glimpse of a vanishing leopard or even a beautiful bird. Binoculars are very important to capture attractions from far especially if they can’t go through the lens of your camera. The good news is that there are many genuine or authentic gadget stores with different types of good binoculars on the market. The kind of binoculars you purchase will depend on several factors including what you are actually planning to use it for-for example if you are going for bird watching.

Digital camera plus related equipment/accessories such as lenses, batteries and memory cards

Type of camera usually depends on someone’s passion for photography thus cameras with options of wonderful zooming of videos and perfect still shots, all on automatic are recommended for Uganda safaris. However, no one would wish to run out of battery or memory during the safaris regardless of the sophistication of the camera you choose to use.

Electronic guidebooks

Some of the electronic guidebooks you may need to carry for the Uganda safaris include a Tablet or eReader, smartphone and Ipad that are very vital for downloading interactive bird guide as well as a wildlife guide. The advantage the electronic guidebooks have over other guidebooks is that they have updated information on the attractions found at the destination.

Laptop and Wi-Fi connector

Laptops with Wi-Fi connector are very important for keeping you in touch with your family members during the safari. Interestingly, most safaris Lodges in Uganda have Wi-Fi connections hence you don’t need to worry about the internet during your trip. With this, you can be able to take photos during the safaris and even upload them on your social media platforms.

Flashlight or Headlamp/Torch.

Normally strong LED flood beam flashlights are ideal for Uganda safaris, thus a perfect gadget for outdoor adventures such as festivals and fishing connoisseur. Also, these are important for cave exploration or night game drives hence it is very important to carry a flashlight for relishing night safaris in Uganda.

Pack a power bank

Unlike back home where power is constant, you may need a power bank to charge your phone, especially when visiting remote destinations, Lodges, and Camps in Uganda where power supply is not guaranteed hence it is always important to be prepared to whatever situation you will encounter. Not only that, power banks are important if your only source of taking photographs is your phone.

Electrical items

Some of the electrical items you need include adaptors and Rwanda use the European plug-in while Uganda uses those of 220 to 240 voltage with British Plugs.

Protective bag for all your gears

Since Uganda is a Tropical destination characterized by strong sunshine and heavy rains during particular seasons, you will need a waterproof protective bag to keep your gadgets from unpleasant weather especially unexpected rain. Additionally, roads leading to Ugandan National Parks are very bumpy. Other important gadgets include Tripods, DSLR and Zoom lenses and magneto pop-up lantern among others.

Besides the mentioned gadgets, other essentials for Uganda safaris include insect repellants, long-sleeved shirts, shorts sleeved shirts/sleeveless tops, pair/s of shorts, gardening gloves, strong waterproof hiking boots, cotton socks, passports and visas, toiletries (shampoo, lotion, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, floss and hand sanitizers among others), wide-brimmed hats, swimwear, comfortable sandals or walking shoes to wear around the Safari Lodge, light rainjackets, sweater, sunscreen, First Aid Kit and many others.