Why to use Rental Cars Uganda Ltd when you hire a car

Smart gadget friendly – no App is need, simply launch www.rentalcarsuganda.com in your phone or tablet’s browser and then check on the offers and vehicles available then click contact us and then fill the form to tell us about the details of your booking.

We work with experienced locals who have great knowledge about the country and the region, you will just need to tell them your travel plans and they can advise you on the perfect vehicle to use.

Rental Cars Uganda Ltd is a locally owned company with main offices in Kampala the Uganda’s capital, so it can easily be accessible by travelers entering the country from Entebbe and still the company has several branches around the country to cater for travelers in the country.

The many branches around the country add to an affordable, easy experience that will have you on the road and bouncing from place to place in no time!

Auto Hire FAQ and Top Tips

Not acquainted with what goes into hiring a rental vehicle for your vacation? No dramas! Rental Cars Uganda Ltd is here to make your experience as easy and cheap as possible. Here are a few responses to the frequently asked questions:

Do I have to return my hire car to the exact same destination?

No, you don’t! In several cases, you can return your rental vehicle in different location.

Rental Cars Uganda Ltd is focused on making your life easier. That is the reason we’re pleased to offer one-way rentals in Uganda and East Africa in general. One-way car rentals are hires in which you can pick up your rental vehicle from one destination and drop it off in another destination for example; you can organize and they deliver the vehicle to in Mbarara and you drop it off in Entebbe or still they can deliver it to you at Entebbe International airport in Uganda and you drop if off at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya. This can make self drive trip a considerably tastier prospect!

Imagine getting your vehicle at Entebbe Airport and cruising south west to Bwindi Forest to see mountain gorillas or to Queen Elizabeth national park to see tree climbing lions and then just cross the through Katuna boarder to Rwanda explore ‘the Land of a Thousand Hills’ and then drop your ride off at Kigali International Airport before flying home. Sounds truly incredible, doesn’t it? Furthermore, in the event that you have a flexible itinerary and can travel minute there are some stunning One Way Rental Deals to be had!

The main thing you should put in mind is that sometimes there are additional charges associated with these types of hire car, however you’ll be certain to know whether that is the situation with our transparent price listing. These charges are always less or non-existent in case you choose to pick up and drop off from airports.

When should I book my rental car?

You should book your rental vehicle with Rental Cars Uganda Ltd as soon as you’re ready. There’s less importance in waiting, as, unlike numerous airline tickets, you won’t save cash for last minute booking. The earlier you make your booking, the better both your rate and the variety of good vehicles to choose from will be. This is particularly true around famous vacation times, for example, Easter, Christmas and when the kiddos are off school for extended periods of time.

Since in numerous occurrences you don’t need to worry over laying out any cash or credit card information when you book and there’s no dread of cancellation charges, there is no reason to slow down. Compare at auto rental options for your next interesting destinations and get sorted for a vehicle without fear as soon as possible!

How old do I have to be to rent a car?

The generally accepted age you should be to hire a vehicle in Uganda is 21. Be that as it may, there are some auto rental agencies that will allow licensed underage drivers. Those that do will always have an additional charge fee for drivers matured 18-21. These are not fast rules, so check the pricing breakdown of your rental to find out if there is a charge and how much it is.

Do rental cars come with GPS?

When you rent a vehicle in Uganda with Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, you can select to also rent a GPS unit that can help you to keep your safari on track.

Exploring destinations for the first time is a standout amongst the best interesting things you can do on your self-drive trip. Then again, getting lost in remote and foreign areas can be the worst. A GPS unit may be the gadget you have to enjoy the former and avoid the latter. Rental Cars Uganda Ltd can supply you with GPS satellite navigation, however you’ll need to double check and ensure the area from which you’re picking up the vehicle has them in stock.