Excluded regions for self drive tour in Kenya

Kenya is really stable and safe to visit on a self-drive trip. There are just a couple of regions where we don’t encourage self driver tourists to visit for some reasons: the condition of the roads in these regions are bad and require some driving skills, or the region is too remote so we can’t organize satisfactory roadside assistance in case of a breakdown.

For your wellbeing, and also for the vehicle’, we have barred the Northern part of Kenya from our services. This is generally everything north of the line Mount Elgon and down to Malindi.

Fortunately, the focal point of consideration is in the Central/Southern districts of Kenya, so despite the fact that the region looks expansive, you have all that could possibly be needed other destinations to visit, for example, the Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Samburu, and Mount Kenya.

Different wildlife parks, for example, Marsabit and the Turkana National Park areas are beyond reach for self-drive trippers, because of bad road conditions, safety, and due to the fact that they would be very far from any chance to be of service to you if there should arise an occurrence of a breakdown. In any case, do tell us in as to whether you might want to visit these places, as we can try to explore the possibilities with you of going with a driver or if you are sure you have skills of drive-in African bad roads we can get for you a strong vehicle that can navigate in those bad roads but on an extra fee.