How to avoid unfair charge for damage of a hire vehicle

The last thing anybody needs after a rental is a horrible bill for damage you’re persuaded you didn’t do. Find out what you can do when you rent a vehicle, to ensure you’re not charged unfairly for damage of the vehicle afterward.

In the event that the auto rental agency thinks your vehicle has been damaged amid your rental, you will have to pay for its repair when you return it and sometimes they inflate the prices to make it even double the price.

What to do before you take the hired vehicle for a trip

In the event that you’ve booked your rent in advance, check what type of cover is incorporated into your deal. It merits checking precisely what you’re covered for.
Check how much the excess is on the vehicle. In the event that the excess is higher than you are alright with, you can consider purchasing additional insurance.

When you get the vehicle

When they hand over the car keys to you from the counter staff or when they just delivered the vehicle to you, take as much time as is needed and check the vehicle thoroughly and when the agent from the rental company is there. Ensure any existing damage is recorded on the check-out form (the condition of the vehicle at pick up). This form is essential: it’s what the company agent will take a look at to see if there’s any new damage on the vehicle when you return the vehicle. There’s normally a diagram of the car and add a list of existing damage.

In case you see any damage not listed on the check-out form, tell the counter staff to add it on the form and even approve it. Only drive away when you have filled the check form accurately.

Take photos of the inside and outside of the vehicle before driving off. These may come in handy to prove that you have not caused any damage to the vehicle.

During your rental

In case there is any sort of problem with the vehicle amid your rental, call the emergency number on your rental agreement. The staff will guide you and give you roadside help if necessary.

Never take the vehicle to a mechanic without the company’s particular instructions to do as such. You won’t recover any cash your payout and might be charged additionally for tampering with the vehicle without consent.

When you return the vehicle

Try not to feel hurried when you return the vehicle. Take as much time as necessary and check over the vehicle before giving the key to the staff. Make sure you the car with an agent from the car rental company. Once you’ve both affirmed that there’s no new damage, you’ll sign the check-in form and get a copy of it.

Take photos of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. This is considerably more vital if the counter is shut and there is no one to check the vehicle with you.