Why it makes sense to rent a self drive car for your next safari

One of the other things about dealing with your car rental with 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd is that you know you’ll be getting a reliable and well-serviced vehicle. We’re not hoping to make cut-rate deals with tricky agencies. We’ve been helping travelers get a good, affordable auto rental for their safari since 1997.

We have a variety of car options you can choose from and no matter the reason why you need the vehicle we have the best vehicle that will suit your needs and desires.

As though being able to travel around on your terms wasn’t sufficient, there are loads of various reasons why utilizing a rental car in East Africa or wherever your safari may take you just bodes well!

It’s easy

When you’re planning to use the hired vehicle for your next safari, it will reduce the stress of how to travel around because you will just sit on your computer or smartphone check online, and reserve your vehicle.

Regardless of whether you’re after a smaller, sportier vehicle, something somewhat bigger to heap in all your gear, or even a campervan to take your accommodation on the go, 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd has a variety of vehicles you can choose from and you will never fail to get a right and cheap option for your travel simply you have to check on our website and book with us or even you can directly call us on +256 701 728 141.

Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd can deliver the vehicle to you at the airport on the day of your arrival or pick up the vehicle at any convenient destination, you just need to tell us where you going to be and we bring the vehicle to you. We have a variety of car garages in different locations in East Africa where you can pick up the vehicle at any convenient time.

It’s cheap

At 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd, we ensure the most reduced rates on rental cars for your safari. That gives you more money to sprinkle on things like accommodation, tickets to your destinations, and, testing your destination’s finest eats and beverages!

When you book, you don’t need to stress over getting stung later on by slippery charges. That is because auto hire costs are laid out effectively the price you see is the website is the price you have to pay and even when you’re booking in advance, you can bargain on the price. What’s more, you don’t need to pay a penny until the point that you appear to get your vehicle. You’ll get a reservation affirmation without punching in your credit card details to pay the deposit. If something comes up and you need to surrender your safari, you won’t be charged a cancellation fee, either!