Planning a Self Drive Trip – The Safety Part

What you have to know about traveling alone and be safe: I believe it’s vital to walk the line between being readied and being jumpy. In 12 years and 30 nations, I’ve never been robbed, touched, or seriously irritated. 98% of the people on this planet earth are good, friendly and kind and they are ready to help you in case you need their help.

All things considered, voyaging isn’t just about you. It’s also about the loved ones that you’re leaving behind and they will presumably feel better about your tour in case that they know your schedule and they know you able to protect yourself in case of any threat.

Trust your intuition

This is the best and most essential safety related guidance you’ll ever get. Try not to meander around unpredictable neighborhood at night by yourself. In the event that a place or individual gives you terrible vibes, leave – regardless of whether it’s awkward. Try not to get your gas tank get too low, don’t drive when you’re tired, pay attention to your surroundings.

Be Ready

Here are some of the things you should not forget to carry

A Garmin GPS to provide backup to your Smartphone in areas there is not phone reception

Real actual maps, which are always sold at book shops and in case you going to use a rental vehicle you can request for it some rental companies offer it free of charge

A gallon of water and fuel, these are always provided by car rental companies in case you going to here a self drive car rental.

Shared your itinerary with your friends and know so that they can know the people and destination you will be visiting.

You should not forget a USB phone charger (one for your car and one that’s portable)

A road kit with ‘fix a flat’ and road flares

A tracker app so some people can see where you’re

The self-defense key chain