Facts for Corporate Car Rental Uganda

Facts About Corporate Car Rent In Uganda That You Never Knew

“Words mean nothing, but people mean things when they use the words”. The same applies to the term corporate car rental. To some, corporate car rental is renting cars to people in the corporate class without any consideration of the purpose of why they are hiring the car. To others, corporate car rental is simply hiring a car for business purposes.

In this article, we bring you the facts of corporate car rental in Uganda in regard to hiring a car from a corporate company as well as hiring a car as an individual in the corporate class.

Hiring A car as a corporate company in Uganda

It is public knowledge that many car rental agencies in Uganda are not really interested in hiring their cars for corporate companies. One of the main reasons is the high levels of corruption that demand car rental agencies to offer false quotes for the benefit of corporate procurement professionals.

In case you do not understand what I mean, allow me to break it down for you.

  • Corporate Car Rental Fraud

It is very common for corporate companies to hire Toyota Hilux and other double-cabin or single-cabin brands. But whenever they approach the car rental agency, quotes are secured as per the market price. However once this is done, the corporate company team in charge of hiring the cars often reaches out to the car rental agency to bargain for lower fees without informing their company.

Sometimes they bargain to the point of half the market price but they never inform their company about this. They then require the car rental agency to offer the car at the bargained rate but keep the invoices with the market price rates. Once the money is transferred to the car rental agency account, they demand their share of the difference between the market price and the bargained rate or else sabotage the business.

Many car rental agencies that are unwilling to participate in this form of fraud always distance themselves from any form of corporate car rental in Uganda and for some reason many people have labeled them racists for not dealing with Ugandan companies.

  • Delayed Payments

Any car rental agency that has ever dealt in corporate car rentals in Uganda has been a victim of either delayed payments or no pay at all.

Corruption is a serious issue in Uganda. It is very common for money to leave a corporate company account without paying the person that was supposed to be paid. In the corporate company records, it could be reflected that money was paid to a given car rental agency but when you follow up, it is very common to find that money is never paid.

With such an environment, many car rental agencies in Uganda have always ignored all bids that often come out inviting car rental agencies to provide their vehicles.

In corporate car rentals in Uganda, cars are often hired with a driver. Unlike the car rentals in the tours and travel industry whose pay always puts into consideration the accommodation, wages, and meals of the driver; in corporate car rental, the pay is often unbearable.

For instance, after bargaining, the pay is usually less than $40 inclusive of the car and the driver. In a country where many people around Kampala have a daily expenditure of $10, it seems totally unrealistic to pay a driver less than $15 which corporate car rental in Uganda often demands.

Car rental agencies that are considerate to their drivers often distance themselves from corporate car rentals and leave it to only those agencies that are willing to exploit their drivers at the expense of merely securing business through corruption.

  • Hiring A car as a corporate Individual in Uganda

Unlike hiring a car from a corporate company in Uganda, many car rental agencies in Uganda often deal with corporate individuals. This is partly because their hires are more based on quality service than merely getting a bargain through corruption.

  • Cars Are Hired For Self Drive

Corporate individuals often hire cars for self drive in Uganda. In instances where they need a driver, they simply go for the second driver option in the contract after all most of the car rental agencies in Uganda do not charge for the second driver.

Unlike corporate company car rentals, they usually hire for both work and holidays.

  • Honored Payments

Corporate individuals often honor their car rental payments that are if the company requires payments to be settled before they hand over the car to you. However, it is also common for Corporate individuals to default more so when they extend their car rental trips for a longer period.

According to most car rental agencies, corporate individuals that have extended their hires to a month or more have always defaulted.