Aspects You Put In Mind While Renting Your Wedding Car

In Uganda or Kenya, planning for a wedding is the most challenging thing in life that requires both time and finances. Wedding plans vary from society to society here in Uganda / Kenya and most of all, the groom’s side is always the one responsible for the wedding plan which includes car hire.

A wedding is considered the most expensive thing here and quite demanding. This means one person is not in a position to manage it alone. When planning for a wedding; a number of factors are considered because the memories are for a lifetime. Special events like weddings call for first-class services and that is why most people put extra effort by hiring wedding cars in Uganda.

Everyone wants that stylish luxury car that will give credit and class to their wedding day.

Among all the factors to consider, renting cars is the most sought because transportation is very essential for a well-planned wedding. Ideally, everyone wants to have their wedding in the classiest model cars and here we bring you the aspects you put in mind while renting a car in Uganda or Kenya for wedding purposes.

  • Compare companies and rates

Most people hiring wedding cars go with the first company they find than looking around for more options with good services and better rates. There are many companies operating in Uganda and Kenya offering a wide range of wedding cars for hire in the country at affordable rates.

Different car rental companies in Uganda have different car hire rates, and a catalogue of cars to choose from. Getting quotes from more than four service providers will help you to get the real market price before making your final choice.

  • Book the car early enough

Have you seen cases where on the day of the wedding there is no availability? This is because you did not book on time and have your booking confirmed. Having your car booked earlier enough is very vital to avoid cases of pressure with last-minute bookings.

Range Rover Sport for Wedding

Range Rover Sport for Wedding

There is also high demand for bridal cars in Uganda and Kenya, so we recommend you book those wedding cars six months prior to the wedding day. There is no reason to wait till the last day, save yourself from the stress and disappointments that come with the entire wedding plan and more so late bookings.

  • Deal with a trusted car rental company

There are many car rental companies in Uganda that hire out wedding cars, but not all are legit to deal with, it is so important for you to take a step and identify a trusted car rental company that you will deal with for your bridal car hire.

In most cases when you deal with untrusted companies, this calls for stress on your wedding day. More so the companies that hire their cars at very low prices seem too good to be true. Therefore, we encourage you to always deal with that reliable, registered, and recognized car hire company.

  • The color and model of the car

With color and model, it is very essential to choose the color of the cars that compliments the theme of the wedding. You need to be keen as you choose the color of your bridal cars and the model as well. Car hire agencies have so many on their list for bridals cars that fall into luxury, mid-range, and budget, but it will be better if you put in mind the type of car that you want prior to your wedding time.

Always agree with the car rental agencies about plan B in case they are not in a position to deliver the car you agreed about. This commonly arises out of mechanical breakdowns that might require the car rental agency to either outsource or get you another option outside what you agreed upon

  • Live within your budget

Knowing what you have planned to spend for the wedding cars is very important as you look out to hire bridals cars. With so many bridal cars that exist out there, the high class, middle class, and low class be in a position to live within their means and choose what they have budgeted for to avoid debts after the wedding.

There is no point in hiring a car way above your budget to simply impress your guest with something you cannot afford.

  • Time of the year

Always mind the time of the year that you choose to have your wedding; if it is in the high wedding seasons like October to December, the cost of hiring bridal cars will relatively be high.

Besides the high cost of hiring a car in these seasons, the availability of quality bridal cars is also a big issue.

  • Fuel consumption of the car

The fuel consumption of cars varies. If you are tight on fuel, a diesel car would be a better option; Cars like Range Rovers, Mercedes Benz, Jeep Wagoneer, and Lamborghini among others are cars with high fuel consumption.

If you plan to have any of these fleets for your wedding, also consider planning for the fuel accordingly.

  • Hiring policy

The majority of the hirers are lazy to know the hiring policy of the car rental company they intend to hire from. It is good practice always to read the terms and conditions of a company thoroughly before you hurry to put in your signatures.

Every company has its policy that you need to know before you take the car. Know where to pick up and drop off the cars,  how much you are renting the car could be per day, per hour whichever the policy says, the mileage limit, the boundary limit, what happens in case of an accident, what they say about fuel, who is entitled to drive the cars either self-drive or chauffeur driven among others.

Failure to get all these details is merely a setup for a fight with the car rental agency.

  • Backup plan

Always ask the company you intend to hire from if they have a backup vehicle in case of uncertainties on the day. Things happen and sometimes the cars you hired refuse to work, what happens? Does it have to ruin your day and end up squeezing the entourage in other cars?

It is therefore important to have the details for the backup plan. Who you should contact, and where you can find the emergency cars; should all be clear before renting your bridal cars in Uganda.