Explore Lake Mugesera – Rwanda

This Lake lies along the Eastern Province of Rwanda, central plateau and in the southeast of Kigali. Lake Mugesera forms a complex section of Lakes and wetlands in a flat valley stretching south-southeast for about 35 kilometers. The Nyawarungu River winds southward via the valley, flooding it to form permanent swamps and Lakes whereas Lake Mugesera is located along the east River bank and features as the largest water Lake in Rwanda. This Lake features a number of incredible water species including variety of aquatic bird species and fish. Besides, there are several animals for you to explore especially crocodiles, monitors, snakes, otters, water turtles a mention but a few.

Around the 15th century, the surrounding areas at the Lake were inhabited by the Hondogo lineage of Tutsis, pastoralists who had established an independent state. The Tutsi moved to the Virunga area of Rwanda between the 15th and 16th centuries, occupying areas of Lake Muhazi and Mugesera. They slowly attained power in many areas of modern Rwanda while intermarrying with the Hutus and after, they were culturally assimilated.

The climate of Lake Mugesera
Despite its proximity to the Equator, Lake Mugesera experiences temperate type of climate given its altitudinal change. The wet season in this Lake starts from March to May and this is the longest wet season and the other starts from September to December. This Lake is fed by several Rivers and minor streams which originate from ridges to the north, east and south that pour a lot of water in the wet season. Its temperatures usually stand at 25 degrees Celsius.

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