Tips to make a successful self-drive trip a success!

In this article, am going to give the most important tips you have to know when planning a self-drive safari in Africa and how better you should design your itinerary so that to get the best from your safari.

Every traveler’s desire is to have a memorable and successful safari and planning for a safari is an investment in your future memories. Am talking about these stories that will stay in your memory to create memorable bonds with your friends and family. For the self-drive safari to be memorable, it must be perfectly organized and the itinerary should be well-researched.

The tips to make your trip a success

There are some destinations you should avoid, for example, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is such an amazing destination but visiting it on self-drive is not a good idea due to the current political instability in the country now. Before you start planning your self-drive safari in Africa, it’s advisable to do extensive research on all the destinations you plan to explore.

Out of the question that you organize a memorable self-drive safari in Africa and miss the day’s tour because the driver delivered the safari vehicle late… You must choose a serious and competent car rental agency that has been in the field for a long and know the value of time. You can know the seriousness of the agency by checking its reviews from the trip advisers and other rating websites.

It is not advisable to disembark in a foreign country and WASTE YOUR TIME looking for how you going to travel from one place to another, which places to visit at what time and when, and where to sleep. Everything must be well organized and booked in advance… Your travel itinerary must be well-managed. It’s advisable to book your accommodation and the 4×4 safari vehicle in advance.

You shouldn’t go to hotels, just to sleep under the pretense that you want to see all the sights! Not. If you have to run all day, your itinerary is poorly arranged… A good selection of tourist destinations allows you to determine the duration of your trip. No rushing. After all, you are on vacation.

It’s not advisable to sleep in any hotel. After all, you’re on vacation and you also need a break, to recharge yourself with the good energy from the environment of your accommodation. So you need a good selection of accommodation facilities and not just a room bought at random from an online site because the price is attractive.