Tips to hassle-free car rental in a foreign country

Follow these tips and enjoy the flexibility and fun of having a vehicle when you’re in a foreign country, without the stress.

Book your car in advance

Booking early means and you’ll get the opportunity to choose the vehicle and get the type and model you want, at a price that is right for you. If you wait to book at the last minute of your trip, you may be stuck with what no one else wants. Planning in your trip in advance you’ll avoid being on the mercy of last minute price hikes, and you can pick your preferred vehicle at your leisure.

Get your insurance right

Indeed, regularly rental cars aren’t insured like your personal vehicle – they’re insured by waivers which implies the rental car company ‘waives’ its right to come after you for the costs of specific kinds of damage. Most rental vehicles come with some type of basic insurance, however it won’t be comprehensive. In case you’re enthusiastic about feeling completely ensured while you’re in a foreign country, you can purchase excess insurance when you book you’re a vehicle, purchase excess insurance independently online, or leave it to when you get your vehicle and see what the rental agency offer you.

Check the terms & conditions

Nobody loves reading the small print – it’s not precisely a safari treat. Be that as it may, it worth taking a couple of minutes to give your rental agreement the once overview when you get to the desk. It’s certainly more pleasant than having any nasty surprises later. In the event that you book online, you should check the Terms and Conditions on the website of the rental agency – so you can take a look in the solace of home. Watch out for startling charges: for extra drivers, young drivers, for instance, and all types of other extras.

Compare car hire companies

Once you’ve arranged your safari information, go online and compare what’s on offer. Much the same as airlines, car rental agencies vary quite a lot. Some big brands offer unbelievable deals yet strip back on service; others pride themselves on astounding vehicles and customer care. Checking out from different car rental service provider will help you compare the prices, fuel policies and types of car.

Remember your documents

The car rental agency will need to check your paperwork before they hand over your vehicle keys, so ensure you check you’re booking’s particular Terms and conditions for precisely what you have to take. You will require these, and you may require extra records as well:

Driving permit – Take you’re driving permit to prove your identity and that you can lawfully drive. In the event that you’ve not got a photocard driving permit, you’ll need to present your passport as proof of identity. Some nations require foreign drivers to have an International Driving Permit and also their driving permit, so check before you leave and get one if important.

Relax and enjoy your trip

Now you’ve got your rental vehicle reserved, you’re free to hit the road and explore wherever you feel like. Wherever you go, enjoy your trip.