Things you must check before hiring a vehicle for self drive

See, we know it will be amazing getting your hands on the keys to the safari vehicle, SUV, or campervan that will enable you to have a great opportunity to explore all the interesting and amazing destinations in the region at your own pace. Be that as it may, there are several things you have to keep in mind before you sign the papers for the car rental company and set off with the car. Look at these car rental tips:

Know the rules

While driving through superb mountain landscapes, remote tourist destinations, or hoping to put the car on a ferry to unknown destinations this sounds like an awesome idea, but it could get you in trouble with auto rental companies. Ensure that you ask in case you will drive anywhere strange or taking the vehicle on a ferry even crossing the border to another country with the car. For instance, some car rental companies don’t allow taking their vehicles from the mainland to the Ssese Islands and even crossing the border to the neighboring countries, like Rwanda, Tanzania, and others. So if you have plans of crossing borders in your itinerary inform the company early enough and see whether it’s fine to cross the border or go on a ferry with their vehicle, so that they can also offer you the documents to help you cross the border.

Check the insurance

Even if you are the most careful driver on the planet, you can’t expect the same from other road users. That is the reason it’s essential to comprehend what is covered in your insurance policy. Taking a couple of minutes before you sign the car papers, ask questions, and find out all the car hire insurance options is worth it. On the other hand, see what your travel insurance has to say in regards to car rental excess cover, as many top plans can deal with you.

Check the vehicle thoroughly

Check the car before hire

This is something very important you must do when hiring a vehicle, make sure the staff of the rental agency is there and you check the car for damages and make sure they note them and even use your phone or camera to take a photo of those dings and dents to find on the car before you sign the paperwork. Checking the vehicle for damage is one of the things that will delay you to get on the road by minutes but it’s worth it because you will avoid being charged for the damages you didn’t put on the car.

Find out about the fuel policy

Most car rental companies will charge you a high price to refill their vehicles with fuel. Make sure you ask about the fuel policy, for example, empty/empty, full/full this is explained by when they give you the vehicle when it’s an empty tank you return the empty tank and the same applies to full. Some agents your ignorant and they charge you fuel if you don’t ask about the fuel policy, you should avoid such stinging expenses by ensuring you refill the vehicle with fuel yourself before you make your arrival. Find out about level fuel charge choices in the event that you would prefer not to disturb refilling the tank yourself before returning the vehicle.