Self Drive Overland Tour Through Africa

Africa is such a vast continent to explore but full of interesting and amazing attractions in the different countries in it from the rare and endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi Forest in Uganda to the amazing wildlife in the national parks in South Africa.

Most people still have this old way of exploring destinations where you fly to a certain country and after visiting some of its attractions, you board the plane and fly to another country, am sure this way you will miss a lot how do u see the situation when you rent a vehicle from let’s say Uganda and you have to drop it in South Africa, meaning you will have to explore all the way from Kampala, Uganda and you drive over 10,000km to Cape Town,

Land Cruiser With Roof Top Tent

Most tourists when someone mentions overland safaris they think of the group tour when you in a big overland safari vehicle which in most cases are organized by safari companies annually and they have fixed dates on when they start and when they have to end and even the routes are always pre-planned. What if I give you this good news that you can explore the whole continent of Africa in a rental vehicle with all the camping equipment provided to you and you have the right to plan your trip by yourself and you can still it’s you to choose when to start or end the trip.

Getting the reliable and well-serviced vehicles to use on your trans-Africa overland safari is just east steps and you don’t need a lot of money only you will need money for car hire. 4×4 Self Drive Africa Ltd is a car rental agency with main offices in Uganda, they are offering a great discount on the long term car rental. With them, you just need identification documents and a valid driving permit you just need to visit their website and hit contact us and then fill the form and send them a message with details of the type of the cat you need and what you need it for so that they also advise you in some issues.

Double Cabin with 2 Roof Top Tent for 4 people

Double Cabin with 2 Roof Top Tent

The best way to enjoy the trip throughout Africa is by going camping, spending nights in the African wilderness and experience the real feel of Africa at night. Depending on the number of people you planning to travel with, 4×4 Self Drive Africa Ltd can organize camping equipment you can use throughout your trip. They have strong 4×4 cars with rooftop tents which can accommodate 2 people perfect for two lovers who would love to go on a long self-drive safari throughout Africa, 4 people better for group traveler and even they can organize for you a vehicle with two rooftop tents which is perfect for tourists traveling as a family.