Important items to pack when planning a self drive trip

With regards to self-drive tours, we are really eager beavers. It is safe to say that you are to some degree like us?

In case it’s true, then we don’t need the excitement of your tour to get darkened by any trouble related to what to pack. We know how it feels to stay on the cross street wherein you need to pack light and in the meantime, you don’t wish to wind up reviling yourself for the things you left behind.

So whether you are hoping to visit East Africa or Africa in general for a safari or business trip, below are the tips for packing light and all the essentials that you should carry with you to enjoy your trip in Africa.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Since everyone takes his/her life as the first priority, then a first aid kid is another essential you should think about first when packing for a trip. This can help in case you get minor cuts or food poisoning. Despite the fact that most rental cars come with a first aid kit, but it’s highly recommended that you also carry yours from home to be on the safe side.


Travel Camera

While you are caught up with making lifetime memories on the trip, you would prefer not to miss a chance of remembering them and it’s good to capture every interesting memory you get on your trip so that you can show those at home how amazing was the trip. So bring your camera, and take a lot of photos that will make you remember the trip forever.

Driver’s License

Since you go on a self-drive tour in a foreign country it’s better to carry your driving permit because traffic offers will need to see it once you stopped, it’s just for identifying you that you, not an alien who doesn’t know how to drive and even most car rental companies request to first see an original copy of your permit before they give you a car.

Phone & portable charger

Since you will need to communicate with the people you left at home and even call hotels and lodges for accommodation booking there you will need a phone and even you will need to update your Instagram feed from the road. Then let your cell phone and a charger be one of the things to put in a bag when packing for a road trip.


Music is one of the important things you should not forget when going on a self-drive trip especially when you traveling in a foreign country because you can hire a car in a foreign country and find that the radio is boring, there you can just insert the disc of your favorite music you selected from home and you chase the boredom. Seriously, what’s a road trip without music?

Good company

Traveling alone and in a foreign country is a bit scary and boring, just imagine that situation you’re in a camper van the only thing you can hear is music and sounds of nature. I think it’s boring, you need good people to give you company, so it’s better when planning for a road trip that at least inform some of your best friends and go enjoy together this will make the trip exciting and memorable.


Since most people get time for traveling during the summer season when the temperature is high, the sun is hot like hell then you will need to protect those beautiful eyes of yours from those harmful UV rays. Definitely, sunglasses are a must!


No, no, we can’t let you go out without ensuring that you had the proper means to keep yourself hydrated. So better to keep getting a cooler box and shop for enough water for your trip.

Now there are several things that are liable to the location, duration, climate, and others yet the above-mentioned things are a must for having a memorable and amazing road trip.