What Cars to Hire in Kenya?

Choosing the right car to rent in Kenya always depends on several factors, there are some clients who need enough luggage space most especially those traveling for a long period of time, others consider luxury and comfort, and there are also those with fixed prices who looking for a cheap vehicle to hire. In addition to that, also choosing a vehicle to rent sometimes depend on the places you plan to visit and the purpose. There are those going for a safari to remote areas of the country who will need a strong 4×4 safari vehicle and for those planning to be around the city a small vehicle can be the best choice.

Companies to Rent Within Kenya
On our first travel to Kenya, we found 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd to be the cheapest option for a long-term car rental but we were recommended by a friend to try 4×4 East Africa Ltd a 4×4 Uganda Ltd partner. We also contacted Car Rental Kenya Ltd in Nairobi in order to compare prices.

Renting a Campervan in Kenya

There are few companies in Kenya that can offer campervans for hire but in this case, by luck, you manage to get one it’s the best way to experience this amazing country. Some companies in replacement to a campervan, have 4×4 vehicles with rooftop tents and also camping gear. This can be a better option in case you fail to get a campervan.

Hire a 4×4 Land Cruiser safari vehicle

Toyota Land Cruiser Safari Vehicle

The most common way to enjoy Kenya’s wildlife is by renting a safari vehicle with a pop-up roof that offers a perfect view of wildlife in national parks. There are several car rental companies in Kenya that offer good and well-serviced safari vehicles like 4×4 Self Drive Africa Ltd.
In case you explore the real Kenyan wildlife like in Masai Mara, Amboseli National Park, Meru National Park, and others. Hiring a 4×4 safari vehicle in Kenya is the best option.

4×4 Toyota Rav4

For those traveling on a budget or traveling as a couple, the Toyota Rav4 is a perfect vehicle for them. The vehicle is fitted with a 2.0l petrol engine and it’s good on fuel consumption and it’s always offered cheaply at around 30 – 50USD per day. The vehicle is a full-time 4×4 and it’s available in both automatic and manual transmission so it caters to both stick shift and automatic drivers. For those going camping, most car rental agencies can offer camping gear and a ground tent. So, if you love going camping in Kenyan national parks, you should be specific when booking and ask for camping gear too.

Land Rover Defender 110

Land Rover Defender 110 – Rooftop Tent

For those planning to go deep in African jungles or in deeply remote areas of Africa, the Land rover defender is the best choice for you. This is a commonly used and desired vehicle by most tourists and travelers planning a self-drive safari in Kenya. The vehicle is known for its strong and reliable engine and 4×4. For campers, the land rover can be fitted with a rooftop tent and a full set of camping gear.

Toyota Prado TX/TZ

The Prado is the most affordable and used 4×4 vehicle in Kenya. The vehicle is offered at a cheap price and is one of the most reliable off-road vehicles. This is the perfect option for those traveling on a budget price and those planning to visit remote areas of the country. The vehicle is recommended to carry 5 people meaning it’s also a perfect option for those traveling in groups.

4×4 Nissan Patrol