Can someone else drive my rental car?

Considering sharing the driving? You might need to add an extra driver to your rental vehicle. Here’s all that you have to think about adding extra drivers.

In case you planning to do a lot of driving on your safari, it’s always better to be able to share the load with another person. Luckily, adding a driver to your rental car is just easy.

As a rule, you can add up to three extra drivers to one rental car – in some cases. You will have to pay for every additional driver at the rental counter at pick-up.

Who is the main driver?

The main driver is the one who is legally in charge of the vehicle. Always this is the one who made the booking and is the person who signs the agreement (usually called the rental agreement).

Who can be an extra driver?

When all is said in done, the standards for age and driving licenses for extra drivers are the same as those for the main driver. Always, any driver should be no less than 20 and have held a full driving permit for something like two years. Conditions differ, so do check your rental’s terms and conditions.

An extra driver would likewise pay additional charges, for example, a Young driver fee or a Senior driver charge to drive the rental vehicle.

How can I add an extra driver?

The counter staff will ask you to pay a fee to cover the extra driver/s on the hire car.

You can include an additional driver when you book your vehicle online. On 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd for instance, you can inform them before, that you need an additional driver by just including it, as a NOTE in the email you send them. You won’t pay for this extra driver until the time of picking up the car, regardless of whether you ask for it online. 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd in most cases offers discounts on extra drivers whereby you can ask them and you don’t pay for them in case you book a car for many days.

When you pick up your hire vehicle, the counter staff or the driver who will deliver the car to you will ask you if you would love to add an extra driver, and on the rental agreement there is a section where the extra driver will have to put his/her names and then sign.

Any extra driver should be at the counter with you in person when you pick up the car. They’ll additionally require their passport and driving permit. Only the main driver will sign the rental agreement, however, the names and different points of interest of every one of the extra drivers will be added to it.

The counter staff will request that you pay a fee to cover the additional driver/s on the rental car.

How much do I need to add an extra driver?

Some car rental agencies usually charge a fee per day for each extra driver to guarantee them on the rental car. It’s always the same price for all types of cars.

You may be lucky and get special offers online for at least one or more free extra drivers.

Some car rental agencies in the country don’t charge for extra drivers like, 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd, we don’t charge for extra drivers unless when you have more than 2 drivers. Other companies that don’t charge for the extra drivers include; Drive Kenya Ltd, Car Rental Kenya Ltd, 4×4 Self Drive Africa, and others.

Would I be able to add a driver once my rental has begun?
It’s possible to add an extra driver once you have the rental; vehicle. Call the counter staff to check if it’s possible. On the off chance that it is, the main driver and the additional driver should go to the counter to present their driving permits and identification cards and pay the additional fee.