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Types of the camper showers and their advantages and disadvantages

Hiring a camping van is always an easy way to explore any safari destination because they car rental company always offer all the things you will need during your camping trip apart from the things you will need for showering. Showering in the van is always an up-to-date and controversial topic even among experienced vanlifers. […]

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Best Places to Do A Road Trip in Uganda

Uganda is not a big country, but a small beautiful nation that is endowed with awesome natural wonders. Due to this magical nature, Churchill dubbed Uganda “the Pearl of Africa”.  Uganda’s adventurous gems are all scattered in corners of the country. These gems include; National parks, mountains and hills, lakes, rivers, cultural sites, religious sites, […]

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Best Cheap Road Trip Vehicles

The common factors most people consider when looking for a vehicle to use on self drive is comfort and spacious. Nonetheless, affordability is also an important factor too for some trippers. Regardless of whether it’s a solo trip on byways in country village areas or a family session on a connecting thruway, anybody will welcome […]

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