Kampala & Nairobi
Uganda & Kenya

African Cities that Will Change the Way You See the continent

Several cities in Africa have changed the way we see the continent in view of way of life, getting profitable employment and available luxuries. There are various quickly developing cities in Africa that would influence you to love this continent the more. These cities are competing furiously with several developed cities like Vienna and London. […]

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Best Cheap Road Trip Vehicles

The common factors most people consider when looking for a vehicle to use on self drive is comfort and spacious. Nonetheless, affordability is also an important factor too for some trippers. Regardless of whether it’s a solo trip on byways in country village areas or a family session on a connecting thruway, anybody will welcome […]

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4x4 Vehicle with Camping Equipment

Financial Preparations Traveling to Africa

Overland safaris in Africa are now very popular and top selling to most tour operators especially in Southern and Eastern Africa. Some clients do it in groups of 10 – 25 in a big overland truck, while others prefer self drive tour from Cairo to Cape town for instance. It is all much fun with […]

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Must Avoid While On Self Drive Tour in Uganda & Kenya

Self drive safaris in Kenya and Uganda have become one of the most sought after experiences by travelers today. Based on our experience, our visitors have never regretted going on self drive tour in East Africa. We help visitors realize their dreams with our exceptional self drive fleets. 4×4 Car rental in Kampala and Nairobi […]

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